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Thursday, January 18, 2007



Beaches of Cancun will disappear during 2007

Cancun is Mexico's most important tourist destination and one of the world's famous beaches, but now runs the risk of losing its beautiful beaches.

According to the predictions of Antonio Vázquez Alba, better known as "El Brujo Mayor" (the Great Wizard), during 2007 the beaches of Cancun will disappear.

During the presentation of his 2007 predictions using the interpretation of the Mayan Tarot and the Femininity Tarot, "El Brujo Mayor" commentedthat the natural disasters during 2007 will not have a great impact.

However, he predicted about Cancún, "it will be a bad year for this tourist paradise, the beaches will be damaged and it will be impossible to win back from nature."

Also he predicted that "there will be an earthquake in Black Guerrero, with strong action, but without lamenting human misfortunes. The scientists, at a worldwide level, will study this phenomenon that belongs to the famous Fault of San Andrés".

He also predicts that this year there will be many hurricanes although they will not cause important damages in Mexico. "Only in Cancún" he said, where beaches will disappear completely."

It is possible that the predictions of "El Brujo Mayor" are not absolutely unreal, since a group of American meteorologists using scientific information predicted a few weeks ago that the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season, will have an above-average activity. (14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, 3 of Category 3 or higher)

More information about his predictions

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Cancun Vacations

By Kristy Annely
Cancun is a paradise holiday destination located amongst the beautiful Mayan ruins of Mexico. This is definitely a great holiday destination for both the young, and the young at heart. Those who love all kinds of water sports, eating, nightlife and shopping should definitely head for Cancun.
Cancun Island is only 14 miles long and less than a mile wide. This is why you are always near a beach here. You can enjoy the beaches with water skiing, renting a jet ski or perhaps soaring into the skies under a parasail. Or you could join the windsurfers on Islam Majors, or go exploring with a kayak or a paddleboat. Besides all this, there are also local outfitters who provide snorkeling and scuba trips to the various coral reefs. If water sports are just not up your alley, a Cancun vacation also proves to be suited for exploring some of the Yucatan Peninsula’s spectacular ruins, including Talcum, the seaside-facing blue lagoon and the sacred city of Chichen-Itza. Xcaret is another amazing water park that is suited on the sunken ruins of a Mayan port city.
Those who aren’t fond of sports can visit the many handsome and substantial malls found amongst the Cancun hotels. You will find everything from local craft galleries to international fashion chains like Ralph Lauren and Benetton. Those who prefer traditional shopping should head to downtown Cancun, the mainland part of the resort area, where there is a mix of stores, shops and flea markets in Avenida Tulum. You can find local toys, foodstuffs and beautiful souvenirs here. And once the sun goes down, Cancun lights up. The numerous clubs and discos here seep Latin, jazz, rock and salsa. If you are looking for a quiet night, you could head for the lobby bars of hotels for flamenco and jazz. The romantic can go to the numerous dinner cruises available that offer music and dancing on the waves. So just contact your travel agent for your Cancun vacation and pack your bag with clothes fit for the tropics, to enjoy yourself to the limits at Cancun.
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Cancun Vacation Packages

By Kristy Annely

Cancun is Mexico's best known resort city, known for its miles-long stretches of white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, modern and luxurious hotels, world-class entertainment and water sports, exciting nightlife, unique history and culture and a whole lot more. Not bad for a city that was merely a fishing village with 120 residents in the 70s. This is Mexico?s showcase tourist destination, and visitors come by the millions every year. Cancun is also one of the most popular spring break destinations, as it is adjacent to the U.S. and is near Miami.
If you are planning a trip to Cancun, you might want to consider a Cancun vacation package. Many travel agents have teamed up with hotels, airlines, resorts, and cruise ships to offer the most attractive bargains in Cancun vacation deals. You can choose from all-inclusive vacations that offer pre-planned activities you will surely enjoy. For honeymooners, there are romantic vacation packages.
Cancun is one of the most family-friendly destinations. Book a vacation package, jam-packed with activities you and your family will definitely love. For added convenience, you can consult travel planners and advisors to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable vacation in this tropical paradise. Call you travel agent now and see what vacation packages they offer. Check out discount hotel and resort deals. Most of the top hotels in Cancun's Zona Hotelera offer exciting deals worth checking out.
There are also travel agencies and advisors online offering a wide variety of vacation packages and deals in a range of budgets. Whatever your budget is and no matter what your interests are, you can surely come across a Cancun vacation package that will fit your needs. The choices of vacation deals and packages are simply endless. There?s literally something for everyone.
Cancun provides detailed information on Cancun, Cancun Hotels, Cancun Spring Break, Cancun Vacations and more. Cancun is affiliated with Cancun Hotel Maps.
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